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  • Cabinetry Cutting


    Our CNC’s offer speed, precision and optimization while our expert team of designers and programmers will make sure every detail of your design is brought to life!

    Our programming software and CNC machines work together to ensure that you get the best yield out of you material. Your cabinet components come finished with your choice of edge tape colour and thickness, we can help complete your project with a variety of helpful options; shelf boring, predrilled hinge plate locators or even pilot-hole for drawer slides. Each cabinet piece comes with it’s own identifying label – making organizing and assembly a breeze!


    We offer programming and cutting for a variety of cabinetry construction methods; butt joint, full dado, blind dado, rabbet joint and quick connector fasteners – compatible with framed and frameless cabinetry.


    Our CNC machines and tooling can tackle all sorts of materials – solid wood, MDF, plywood, hardboard and particle board core sheet goods (melamines, laminate, veneer etc) are some of the most commonly used in cabinetry.

    Our various sized CNC machines can handle the biggest of sheets, including 5′ x 12′. Additionally, our rare sized 7′ x 10′ CNC machine is specifically designed to get you the best yield out of your 2800mm x 2070mm European sheet goods.


    Additionally, our versatile edge bander works with PVC, ABS, acrylic, melamine, wood and wood veneer edge tape up to 3 mm in thickness. With the option of clear, white and black glue – you’re guaranteed a flawless connection.

    We’re excited to announce the additional option of hot air edge taping – the ability to provide a zero edge glue line. Available at Lovech in winter 2018!


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    The latest trend in cabinetry is light rail integration and can go anywhere in the house. The LED strip lighting is convenient for hard to see places such as: the walk-in closet space helping illuminate your path, under the kitchen cabinet to help the function of your work space, and the interior of your glass door cabinet to emphasize your design. For your convenience we offer to pocket the material to accommodate the Light Rail making onsite installation a breeze.


    Our design team and programs make it easy for you to customize your cabinetry and construction. Custom angled, corner, L-shaped and unique shape cabinets can be made with the right information. So don’t worry when you come across an obstacle or be scared to think outside the box in terms of design – we’ll work with you to bring your project to life!